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children walking in field at Hundred Acre Play Care

Hundred Acre
      Play Care

...because childhood happens once.

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toddlers driving cars on track at Hundred Acre Play Care

Our Philosophy

Childhood happens just once. Our licensed child care program -located in Windsor, WI- is enriched with curiosity, love, adventure, excitement, discovery, and magic. Children here are trusted to explore their own ideas and create their own natural developmental path in a place where they know they are safe and loved each and every day. 

Care & education that celebrate childhood

Nature Focus

Children here spend time outdoors every day. We learn about the weather and nature by experiencing and becoming immersed in it  Our large movement skills are developed without walls to hold us back.

Child- Led

Our spaces are for the children. Teachers are facilitators & guides- they help set the environment up for the children and step back to let the child's interests, ideas, inspiration, and development take center stage.

Family Based

Care and learning happens in a multi-age group. Children of all ages become both learners AND teachers as they work alongside each other each day. Everyone helps each other- we are a second family for your child.


Your child is our curriculum. Every child grows their own distinct relationships with friends and teachers. We allow children to discover their skills and the world around them at their own unique and individual pace.

We believe in giving children loving care and the adventures that childhood is made of. We play together, sing songs and rhymes, run in the sprinkler, read books, climb and swing on the playground, get messy in paint, glue, and play dough, walk through nature and our neighborhood, build snowmen, and grow friendships.

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