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All learning at Hundred Acre Play Care takes place in a single, multi-age group of children.


We believe strongly that it is important for children to have opportunities to be BOTH the youngest and oldest in a group of learners. Our youngest learners are always observing and developing ideas from their oldest friends and the oldest children have opportunities to develop leadership skills and practice caring for those younger than them. They are equally important ends of a spectrum in our little learning family.

Our school currently has just one qualified and experienced teacher- Ms. Sarah- who is with your child from arrival to departure each and every day they are in care. The consistency gives everyone a feeling of safety, routine, and the opportunity to develop deep relationships based in love.

child stacking peg people on blocks

School Year Enrollment

3 months- 5 years

Our full day program provides loving care and play based learning during our school hours for a mixed-age group of infants, toddlers, & preschoolers.


Schedules are available to meet your family's needs from 1-5 days per week during the school year (September-June). Program hours are 8:00am-4:30pm with options for extended morning hours-from 7:30-8, when availability allows.

The full day program allows your child to join us in our intentionally planned, child-focused environments to spend their time discovering, exploring, and learning. Each day includes quality time for focused, child-led play both indoors AND outdoors. Our day also includes time for meals (morning snack, lunch, & afternoon snack) and a mid-day nap/rest period.

Summer Enrichment

In the summer months, we occasionally offer enrichment opportunities on limited days/weeks.

Enrollment into Summer Enrichment 2024 is currently available!

June 25- Aug. 14 2024


Ages 2-5 years

photo from behind of four children walking down a path
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